Basics you have to know before thinking of a façade renovation in a historic building

Posted on 18/06/2021 8:44am

Renewal works of antiquestructures are complex and precise - they request a thorough examination of the technical condition of the structure, involving its composition and individual parts.

In the case of historicstructures, it is particularly important to verify the scale of biological destruction of the object, as well as the grade of its humidity and salinity.

Author: Pawel Pacholec

Author: Magiczne zakątki Polski
Source: Magiczne zakątki Polski

Operations connected to renovation of fronts in antique buildings are always anticipated by technical tests to determine the individual scope of works. Careful and permanent restoration of the front is particularly essential. Both operations including cleaning the front and filling in gaps are carried out, as well as those link with full replacement of the facade and implementing new plasters to the old one. Operations complementary to supplementing architectural elements of historic buildings may also be needed. It is attainable to make a facade, impregnate, apply coatings that allow buildings to be donated not only the desired aspect, but also the preservation of the facade. For these types of operations are employed only the highest quality materials of proven producers. You should not save on materials, and use only the finest ones, which ensure excellent durability and the outcome of renovation works on the front of antique buildings.

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They also protect structures against the penetration of harmful substances, involving building salts.

Solely experts know how to execute this kind of work professionally and thoroughly.

They can advise in the selection of proper technological solutions and renovation materials for the fronts, carry out required tests, and a qualified team should execute renewal operations.

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